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My pain was never beautiful or poetic. It was answering the phone mid breakdown and laughing like I was fine. (via unlively)

Mona Lifta




International tumblr meet up: judgement day

Everyone is invited

More like mandatory attendance 


Crying in Salah has become so rare that when a man cries in Salah people come up to him and ask, ”Are you okay? Do you need any help?”


Nowadays Muslims are all talk, no action. Lots of theory but no practice.


It’s unbelievable how many Muslims forget they are Muslim as soon as they need a job. They go and work in un-Islamic environments, free mix, sell alcohol, deal in Riba, and so forth …

It’s better to earn a minimum wage but obey Allah then to earn thousands but risk losing your Islam and Afterlife.


In everything that you do, the main goal should always be to please Allah. If this is the case; money, health, happiness and so forth will naturally follow.